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Our company (ERZODA) has decades of front-line experience in commerce, manufacturing and retail, and it has developed rapidly, has established and operated a multi-million dollar business.

In the past few years, we hope that the number of people engaged in the mobile food business will grow steadily. This is good, but many people are not satisfied due to the high start-up cost of buying the food business.

"Therefore, we decided to use our experience, expertise and skills in the manufacturing industry and decades of experience to help them start their own business and successfully complete the business to create a high-quality food trailer business, 

The core difference between ERZODA trailers and other food trailers on the market is that we have our own factory (6000 square meters), we have a strong team, and our trailers can be customized to meet your various needs, Since we are a manufacturer, you can buy higher quality products at a lower cost.

Therefore, in order to minimize the buyer's risk, our company has occupied 60% to 70% of the European ETB series trailers. At present, we export about 2000 trailers (various models) worldwide every year.

We will continue to improve the quality of our products and never cease to make it better 

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